Stand with the KPO and Membership 2015

2014 was an incredible year which saw great performances, and thanks to the help of the Rasmuson Foundation, KPO’s capital project to secure our own percussion equipment enables us to fulfill KPO’s mission to bring live classical music to the entire Kenai Peninsula!  Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers, and the financial support of friends like you, KPO was able to finish 2014 in a very positive place financially!


Explore our website for all of the exciting things we have planned for 2015!  Your financial support underwrites education programs for youth and adults, bringing guest musicians to the Kenai Peninsula, music and facility rentals, cast care, and so many other things!  Thank you for considering becoming a member of our Crescendo Club.  As our thanks, Club members receive a special ticket price for our main events in 2015!


As part of our percussion and equipment project, KPO would like to add a number of high-quality portable stands to our equipment.  This will help to make KPO a “moveable symphony” performing anyplace we can get to!  You can participate in this project by taking a “Stand with the KPO” by underwriting the cost of a stand.  As our thank you for taking a “Stand”, we will embroider your name on the case of the stand!

You can become a member online HERE or by downloading the form HERE and printing and mailing a check.


There are many ways to help the KPO – Crescendo Club, take a “Stand”, or volunteering!  KPO strives to match volunteers with their skill set, so what are you passionate about? Do you love data entry, baking, digital archiving, filing?  Let us know, we’ll happily find a task for you!

See you at the show!

Mellisa Nill, Executive Director