What Did You Think? A Report on 2014 Summer Music Festival Surveys

Finally, the wait is over!  After much tabulation and review, I am able to share with you the graph results of the surveys that you took following the Summer Music Festival.  I will also share with you the audience responses!  Now is the perfect time to reflect upon 2014, evaluate what we learned, and use it to continue to fulfill KPO’s mission to bring live classical music to the Kenai Peninsula.

Before going any further, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to Karmen Classen – a most amazing KPO volunteer who took on the process of writing the surveys, gathering responses, forming the reports, and helping the board and staff to better understand and apply what you have said while we are planning events for next year.

The audience surveys with only a few short questions gave us great insight into how people hear about KPO’s events.  This will help us to better target our message and be sure our audience can find us.  It was also very clear by the comments that our audience enjoyed the whole program, but especially enjoyed Maria Allison’s “fastest fingers in town!”  It was a delight to see over and over “I trust you guys” from our audience regarding future programming, along with many great recommendations.

We had a wonderful response rate from KPO’s musician corps.  Thank you all for taking the time to respond.  All of your written responses were extremely helpful to us in developing the plans that we have for next year, but as promised, they remain confidential.  (Stay tuned for more details on next year’s plans!).  I hope you will find the graphs to be as informative as I did.

The first musician survey was for Summer Music Festival musicians.  Overall, you found the program appealing and playable.  Your insights about rehearsals will be very helpful for 2015 planning.  Half of all respondents felt that having a full meal available helped tremendously to improve their rehearsal experience.  Kudos to Monica Mullet for taking on that task, and to her family who helped her!  Baked Potato Day is still being talked about!

Our final survey was a planning survey for musicians.  This survey showed much more diversity in your responses and indicates what a truly unique group KPO really is. One of the questions asked you to comment on the relevancy of the board.  Your responses show that communication with the board and what decisions they are making is important to you, along with continuing opportunities for you to share your thoughts with us. I hope that this blog can be a forum for the staff and board to let you know what is happening with KPO.  We want you to know that we do want to discuss concerns you have with us, as best we can.  A really great way to know what the board is working on is to attend the annual meeting coming up on January 11, 2015 (details to follow). In addition, you might consider becoming a board member for a year! (That’s what I did, and after 4 years on the board, and a short break, look at me now!)

The staff and board of KPO endeavor to make decisions based on the belief that most of our constituents will benefit from the decision (what to play, when to play it, etc.).  We want you to know that we heard you all, and your opinions matter, even if the direction we choose to move doesn’t line up with your opinion.  We take all opinions into consideration, and agonize over dissenting opinions, but strive to make decisions that we feel are best for the organization.  It is a team effort also – the board and staff work together to help KPO to be the best it can be, and we believe KPO can become more than anyone ever imagined!

Looking forward to an exciting new year, I wish you and yours a Happy & Healthy New Year!